Life in insidious

The fabrication and thirst for power of East Asian Communism made this society demonic and insane in endless circles. 

Observing the classical European artworks on the war between God, Angels and Demons according to The Holy Bible. 

I realize a strange similarity in Vietnamese society.

The monomania among The old communist system and demonized, greed-driven The new communist system in Vietnam is my edge case to find my own voice. 

It is the backbone in my body of work after years of  experimentation as in the words of HRW:

"... The Communist Party of Vietnam monopolizes power through the government, controls all major political and social organizations, and punishes people who dare to criticize or challenge its rule.

Basic civil and political rights including freedom of expression, association, and peaceful public assembly are severely restricted. Independent media is not allowed as the government controls TV, radio, newspapers, and other publications. Vietnam prohibits the formation of independent labor unions, political associations, and human rights organizations...


Those who criticize the one party regime face police intimidation, harassment, restricted movement, physical assault, detention, and arrest and imprisonment. Police detain political detainees for months without access to legal counsel and subject them to abusive interrogations. Party-controlled courts sentence bloggers and activists on bogus national security charges.."


Some my pictures start for new painting new idea , step buy step. I want everything in my mind very clearly 


18 June 2022   Day For Night    Alpha Art Station gallery  

                 271/5 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Str. Phu Thuan W., HCMC

30  May  2016 :      GROUP Exhibiton “ Vietnam Art “ KTG Gallery At  Hamburg – Germany

April - 2016:         SOLO Exhibiton  AT KTG Gallery IN Hamburg – Germany

26- sep -2013  :      Group exhibition  ” The Hanoi Open Exhibition" At: 9 Le Thanh Tong street., Hanoi, Vietnam

15  July -2013:       Solo exhibition  ” OBSESSION IN DAILY DAY" At: 6 Hang Trong street, Hoan Kiem dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

                                  (REPORTED ON  Vietnam Television VTV3 )

10- April-2011:     Big opening:" Welcome to a new hanoi" group at: 95 Giang Van Minh - Ba Dinh - Ha Noi

June- 2011 :           Exhibition group "IM" at Long Bien, Hanoi, Vietnam

July- 2011:             Exhibition group "To" ( Mot Gang Tay) at Gia Lam, Hanoi, Vietnam

2010:                       Participant in “ALBB media artshow” at 42 Ly Tu Trong, Distric 1, Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam.

2009:                      Participant in “Graffiti Underground Party” at Saigon Port - District 4 -Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam.

2008:                      Solo Exhibition “Behind” at Hoi Vu Studio, 32 Hoi Vu STR– Hanoi- Vietnam

2008:                      Participant in “Umbrella Decoration Program”-in Hoi An – Quang Nam –Da Nang – Vietnam.

2007:                      Participant in “Art Festival of Young Artists” -at 42 Yet Kieu str – Hanoi – Vietnam

2007:                      Participant in “Graffiti Festival” in Hoi An – Quang Nam – Da Nang - Vietnam

2006:                      Participant in the performance art event "Dom Dom" at Hoang Hoa Tham str ., Hanoi – Vietnam.

2006:                      Painting Exhibition "Impression of Hoi An" in Hoi An – Quang Nam –Da Nang – Vietnam

                                 (one of my paintings was purchased by Hoi An Art Museum)

2005:                      Solo Exhibition - Installation ART and Video Art "012310399"at 1A Trang Tien STR. - Hanoi – Vietnam

2005:                      Installation "Art around me" at Nha San Studio – Hoang Hoa Tham - Hanoi – Vietnam

2005:                      participant in "Performance Art Festival” at Nha San Studio - Hoang Hoa Tham  STR. - Hanoi, Vietnam 2005


2004:                      "Vietnam performance art   -Lim Dim" Festival. - January


June 2022

 Alpha Art Station gallery

271/5 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Str. Phu Thuan W., HCM


April 2016

Vietnam Art “ KTG Gallery At  Hamburg – Germany


April 2007

Participant in “Art Festival of Young Artist - Hanoi Vietnam


April 2005

Installation ART and Video Art "012310399"at 1A Trang Tien STR. - Hanoi – Vietnam